Vitamite Relyte

Vitamite Relyte

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Vitamite® Re-Lyte® is a scientific blend of chelated mineral slats that is closely matched to the horse's sweat to replace the correct quantity of electrolytes in the horse.

Electrolytes are an important part of the horses diet and are needed by the horse daily to regulate the correct acid base balance to prevent dehydration, for proper nerve and muscle function and enzyme action. Imbalances in electrolytes can affect performance, feed intake, muscle and heart function and bring on fatigue sooner.

 Re-Lyte® provides the correct balance of electrolytes in a high quality bioavailable, well absorbed formula. Re-Lyte® has been formulated to be fed in addition to Mitavite® feeds for horses that need additional electrolytes. 

 Re-Lyte® helps to keep your horse's electrolytes in the right balance by providing a quality electrolyte mix matched to your horse's needs. When feeding electrolytes always ensure your horse has ad lib access to fresh water.