GT Performer Concentrate 1kg

GT Performer Concentrate 1kg

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Unlike other products, GT performer contains no molasses or fillers. Its unique combination of prebiotics and probiotics provides a natural non - swabbing supplement for your horse.  It is fast becoming a popular choice amongst horse owners who want to improve their horses gut health and overall well being.

GT Performer is an exciting new product for the horse industry designed by a Veterinarian Dr. Geoff and  incorporating advice from an equine nutritionist within the feed industry. It is non - swabbable, totally natural and has been tested on horses and ponies as breeders, performance,show and pony clubbers.
Amazing coats, great hooves, body condition, top line, attitude and performance are just some of the benefits we have seen in our practice.
It includes an enriched nutrient base, appetite stimulant enhanced with vitamins, prebiotics and patented hindgut probiotic additives that we believe together work in balanced synergy to help to assist effect the best possible outcome for your horse or pony.
This is an holistically beneficial preparation for the entire horse not a pharmaceutical treating one complaint at a time.
It can assist in digestive tract function, in particular the fermentative processes of the hind gut.

In nature, horses and ponies eat small amounts of pasture for 16 to 18 hours a day . Modern feeding usually comprises dry food and concentrates fed once or twice daily. This can cause digestive and psychological problems due to long periods of exposure to gut acids without the neutralizing benefit of saliva and bicarbonate and moist ingesta passing through. As a result gas, impaction, diarrhea and ulcers can occur with associated behavioral changes including:

Girth pride

Crib chewing





Poor coat

Cracking/ flaky hooves

Poor body condition in relation to what is being fed

Hardly any topline

Bad/unfocused attitude

Lactic acid bacteria are often associated with laminitis, colic and tying up. Prebiotics trap and remove acid producing bacteria from the gut.
NO pollard, fillers or molasses have been incorporated in this product. The cool energy of this feed is further enhanced by better fermentation and resultant B group vitamin production which along with the B group addition to the mix directly means performance horses can better work to their genetic potential with a more focussed attitude re cool head. It's not just for ridden mounts either,nervous youngsters through to mares in foal to sick or aged horses needing more from their diet means it proves to be a wonderful additive.