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Livamol is a molasses and protein meal supplement for animals and birds to improve coat conditiona and well being. It is a highly palatable rich red meal.

Each 200 g portion contains:

VITAMIN A 12,000 I.U. COPPER     3 mg  
VITAMIN D3   2,400 I.U.   IODINE  17 µg
VITAMIN B1     0.2 mg MANGANESE  21 mg
VITAMIN B2     0.4 mg  COBALT   16 µg
VITAMIN B6     0.2 mg   ZINC    5 mg
VITAMIN B12      6.4 µg      


  PROTEIN Min. 20%
  FAT Min. 5%
  FIBRE Min. 9%
  CALCIUM (Ca) Min. 4% - Max. 6%
  PHOSPHORUS (P)    Min. 1.5% - Max. 2.5%  
  Digestible Energy (DE)     11MJ/KG

LIVAMOL® is a palatable blend of proteins, energy and polyunsaturated oil formulated to improve coat condition and general appearance of all stock, including stud and show animals. LIVAMOL is especially appropriate for young, aged and convalescing animals recovering from disease or injury.

Using a unique technique for transforming liquid molasses into a convenient powder form, LIVAMOL was created by the fusion of the "dried molasses", with protein and oilseed meals, cod liver oil and essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and phosphorus. The result is a concentrated and nutritious conditioning feed additive which appeals and is palatable to all animals and birds. Selected omega-3 fatty acids and high oil protein meals have a positive effect on coat and skin appearance. Coat colour may also be enhanced and enriched by supplementation with minerals such as zinc, copper and iron.